A series of mural's painted on the side of the six-story AT&T office building in downtown Orlando by Don Reynolds called the Wave of Communication, which depict how communication between people has evolved from early day to our digital world of today.









Orlando Public Library Parking Garage

Giant flowers and greenery sprout from the wall of the Orlando Public Library parking garage in downtown Orlando. The mural by artist Don Reynolds is painted on the east wall of the building on the corner of Pine Street and Rosalind Avenue.

Orlando Public Library Garage 1





Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Shakespeare Theater 1

Shakespeare Theater 4

Shakespeare Theater 2





Mennello Museum of American Art

Orlando illustrator/journalist Thomas Thorspecken was commissioned by the Mennello Museum of American Art to do a large-scale sketch mural on a 7-by-48-foot wall next to the museum.

According to Genevieve Bernard, curator of education for the Mennello and coordinator of the mural project, she and Thorspecken visited several local high schools to brainstorm with students to get ideas for mural. The students they worked with came up with three themes they thought reflected the city's atmosphere: lines, crowds and diversity.

The end result is a mural of people from all walks of life and in all manner of dress standing in a long line trailing along the wall. Thorspecken used live models who volunteered to be sketched as the basis for the people who appear in the mural.









Winter Park Community Center

In February of 2007, Crealdé Studio dedicated a new mosaic mural to replace the beloved but faded Celebrating Community Pride in Hannibal Square mural on the east side of the Winter Park Community Center. The spectacular 10' x 18' mosaic tile mural was created by a team of students and outreach participants under the direction of studio artist Lynn Tomlinson. Crealdé's largest outdoor art project to date was funded by the Golden Rule Foundation, Walt Disney World and the City of Winter Park.

Winter Park Community Center 2

Winter Park Community Center 1





Track Shack

Track Shack 1

Track Shack 2

Track Shack 3

Track Shack 4





Sam Flax

First Photo: New location on East Colonial Dr and Altaloma Ave. In order from left to right the artists are Swamburger, Andrew Spear, voted 2013 Best Local Artist by Orlando Weekly, Charles Marklin and Morgan Wilson.

Second and Third Photos: Painted by Andrew Spear in 2007 at previous location on East Colonial Dr and Shine Ave.

Sam Flax 1

Sam Flax 3

Sam Flax 4





Full Sail University

Full Sail_001

Full Sail_003

Full Sail_008