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South Lake - Lake Minneola Scenic Trail

The South Lake and Minneola Scenic Trail were originally built as separate trails, which were primarily constructed on an old railroad bed that lies between the cities of Clermont and Winter Garden.

Located on a central Florida sand ridge, the South Lake- Minneola Trails sport the highest elevations of any rail-trail in the state, with many hills for a more challenging ride. This is a particularly scenic ride, with views along Lake Minneola and other lakes and sweeping vistas on the sand ridges with occasional tree canopied areas.

From the Killarney Station at the Orange County line, the westbound trail is part of the South Lake-Lake Minneola Scenic Trail in Lake County which was connected to the West Orange Trail in 2007.

Killarney Station, a modern take on an old-time train depot, anchors the southern trailhead on West Orange Trail and has bike rentals, restrooms and water.

Minneola Trailhead Park has parking, ball fields, basketball court, playground and picnic areas.

The Clermont Waterfront Park trailhead on Lake Minneola has restrooms, picnicking, swimming area and fishing piers.

The ride from Killarney Station on the West Orange Trail to the Clermont Waterfront Park trailhead is approximately 9.10 miles. In 2015, the South Trail was extended an additional 3.5 miles farther west of Clermont to Silver Eagle Road (ending across from the Green Valley Golf Club). Together, the three trails form a considerable portion of the Central Florida Loop.

South Lake - Lake Minneola Scenic Trail information and map (PDF).

Killarney Station

WOT - Killarney Station

South Lake Trail 2

South Lake Trail 3

South Lake Trail 4

South Lake Trail 5

South Lake Trail 5A

South Lake Trail Old Hwy 50 6

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South Lake Trail 10

South Lake - Looking Back From Top 11

Minneola Trailhead Park

Lake Minneola Station 8

Lake Minneola - Ed Harvey Station 12

Lake Minneola - Ed Harvey Station 13

Lake Minneola - Ed Harvey Station 14

Lake Minneola - Ed Harvey Station 15

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Clermont Waterfront Park

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Sparkling Water Lake, Clermont 34

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Lake Minneola Waterfront Park 23

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Lake Hiawatha Preserve

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